LabFlex Dual Filtered Musician plugs

Lab Flex Dual Filtered Musician earplugs
Price: $ 150.00

  Dual filtered clear LabFlex


Priced from $150 per set

Our unique LabFlex Musician earplugs are custom made in clear or transparent red from a soft 40 shore heat cured silicone which has great strength and will last for many years for a guaranteed fit using our small canal tip design for discreet stage use. Discrete and super comfortable you'll hear the Instruments and vocals clearly without the annoying background noises.

Great for use in class rooms and resturants to cut down the back ground noise but yet still hear conversations clearly and with the discrete fit no one will know your'e wearing them.

Unlike other plugs we use a unique dual filtered system designed with a central resonator chamber and with a single release directing the filtered sounds into the ear canal giving true clear sound and set to the desired reduction range of your choice.

A choice of fixed filters for your desired DB reduction is available:          

                                               : Light                8 – 11db          WHITE Filter

                                                : Mild                10 – 13db        GREEN Filter

                                                : Medium           12 – 15db        RED Filter

                                                : Loud               14-17db           ORANGE Filter

                                                : Heavy             16-19db           YELLOW Filter

Once we have your impressions and you have decided on what best suits your needs we will personally make your plugs to guarantee a perfect fit both comfort and performance.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days once we receive your impression to complete your order

No waiting weeks as we have our own in house lab and make this range ourselves.

A complete set of impression of your ears are required: Please note some outlets may charge you for these impressions, please check cost when booking.


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For more details or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.

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