Lab-Flex Custom Ear Plugs

Lab-Flex Custom Made Ear Plugs

Full Shell Labflex

Lab-Flex is not new but what is new is that we now make them ourselves in our own in-house Lab giving us greater control, greater options and faster turnaround times.

Our Lab-Flex range is made using the finest Biopor Soft Silicone and is available in three densities of 25shore being the softest and is great for sleeping plugs and sensitive ears, 40 shore for great comfort and strength and 70 shore for the super strong material for making ear moulds with removable modules and speakers.

What is the advantage of a Lab-Flex plug ?

Well if you can’t get to us our one of our agents to get your Insta-Mold Earmolds made on the spot you now have the option to go to your local audiologist and have them make you up a set of full ear impressions using a soft impression material which you can then send direct to us. You then chose the style of plug required and colour and we do the rest for you and post it back to you.

The Biopor soft silicone in a full shell ear mould has a SNR25 rating with 34.8db of protection at 4000hz giving you protection where needed and we can also customize the Lab-Flex plugs with filters to allow different levels of sound through as required.

As the material is easier to work with we can also fit just about any electronics into the ear mould during the setting process.

If you need further information on the Lab-Flex range please feel free to contact us directly and keep an eye on this page for further updates and products.

Race monitors in Labflex Earmold cut

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Race Monitors From $299

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