LabFlex custom earbud

Labflex CEP blue  Labflex shure315 3  CEP labflex9

Priced from $150 per set

Our unique LabFlex custom earplugs are custom made from a soft 40 shore heat cured silicone which has great strength and will last for many years for a guaranteed fit.

We can custom fit many devices into our LabFlex range, CEP, Shure head Phones and many more modules. Contact us directly to see if we can fit your device into our custom LabFlex range.

An impression is required of your ear

Once we have your impressions and you have decided on what best suits your needs we will personally make your plugs to guarantee a perfect fit both comfort and performance.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days once we receive your impression to complete you order, no waiting weeks as we have our own in house lab and make this range ourselves.

We do not out source your orders.

Click here for you  LabFlex Custom order form

For more details please contact us directly.

Contact Info

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  • 4 Pasadena Ct, Alexandra Hills QLD
  • Ph: 07 3820 2533