In Ear Bluetooth Monitors $339

Custom Bluetooth headsets, wire free from your phone to your ears

In-Ear Bluetooth Monitor single Micro driver


Introducing Earmold Australia’s all new In Ear Bluetooth Monitors

Using our Insta-Mold®™ “on the spot” custom earplugs we have redesigned our In-Ear Bluetooth Monitors featuring single balanced armature driver that have an overall broader sound with both highs and lows mixed into one. The easy to use pressure touch button controls, as well as an integrated microphone for making or answer phone calls gives you the best control of wireless Bluetooth freedom with noise isolation.

We now have a continuous talk time of up to 8 hours and a standby battery of up to 200 hours

Use them for various activities such as motorcycling, motorsports, running, cycling, exercising, traveling, meditation, skiing etc.

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Standby of up to 200 hours

3 hours to charge unit (Rechargeable Lithium Battery)

Up to 8 hours of continuous talk time.
Transmit range of up to 30M clear line of sight

In line control that does Volume Up/Down, Pause/Play/Advance/Replay Song, and Answer/End Call with Integrated Microphone.
Bluetooth Version v4.1 (Low Battery Consumption)

Water resistance level IPX5

Suitable for most devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, MP3, MP4, Smart Phones

Frequency: 11 kHz Sound Pressure Level: 105.5 dB Impedance: 48 Ohms

The Earmold In Ear Bluetooth Monitors are manufactured from our soft, flexible Insta-Mold medical grade silicone material, to give superior comfort over longer wearing durations.

Don't wait weeks - Made on the spot - Ready the same day

Available directly from Earmold Australia® or selected Providers

 Please contact a Provider to make an appointment for assistance with our range of Insta-Mold ear plugs

Note: This product is produced for the enjoyment of listening to audio/communication devices. But please remain aware of the dangers of listening to these devices at a loud volume level (85dB+). OHSA regulations state a volume of 80-85dB is safe for an eight hour period of time. If you are concerned about your hearing, please consult a hearing specialist who can advise you about your safety levels with your audio device



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