CENS ProFlex Digital 1e

Noise suppression plugs featuring a push button volume control. Single program electronics instantly suppress loud gunshot noise while boosting ambient sounds
Price: $ 599.00

CENS® ProFlex digital 1e:

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Evolution in gunshot hearing protection continues with the CENS® ProFlex electronic module combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces. This new unique design combines superb functionality with an eye catching appearance, and this latest development leads the trend towards obstruction free, comfortable custom hearing protection for today’s shooter.

The CENS® ProFlex is also suitable for use with both rifle and shotgun shooters.
Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing the excellent suppression you expect from CENS® digital.
The electronic module is removable making cleaning a simple effective operation.

ProFlex digital 1e features:

This unit is powered on and off by removing the battery from its compartment  

  • Ultra comfortable dual silicone mould
  • 1 program
  • Digital DSP circuitry
  • Personal laser marking customisation
  • Easy to use volume control
  • Battery removal for power off and on
  • Ultra-thin anti-bacterial coating
  • Low battery warning indication
  • 312 battery type
  • Approx. 220 hours battery life

Water-ShieldTM was designed to help continue this promise by adding an extra layer of protection to your CENS® device. The Water-ShieldTM bio-compatible coating is a highly durable “Teflon-like” amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects CENS® devices from accidental liquid exposure.

Tests have shown that a hydrophobic coating can reduce water ingress by 3 to 5 times over an unprotected product, when exposed to simulated rain-chamber conditions.

suppliedwith proflex1e

ProFlex digital 1e are supplied with:

  • Hard fabric Puretone case with belt clip and foam insert
  • Pureclean Hygiene Kit
  • 2x ProFlex brush with magnet for cleaning & battery replacement
  • CENS® wallet for storing user guide and gun license
  • 6 spare PureCell+ batteries
  • CENS® clothing patch
  • User guide & warranty card
  • Freepost feedback card

# An impression  of your ears are required, approximate delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks from time of receiveing your impression.

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